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Prévente: Alfawise S70 Smart Robot Vacuum Window Cleaner – 139.99$

Gearbest propose de précommander dès aujourd’hui le Alfawise S70 Smart Robot Vacuum Window Cleaner pour un prix de 139.99$.

Voici les principales caractéristiques :

Main Features:
Latest AI technology to automatically detect window frames and obstacles, calculate and program the optimal cleaning Z-routes for maximum efficiency
High efficiency, cleaning 1 square meter twice in 3 minutes, 300 percent faster than manual work
2,800Pa powerful vacuum suction, and UPS system to prevent the window cleaner from falling in case of power failure
150kgf high-strength safety rope, 5.5m long to break the limit of height
Remote control, simply switch cleaning modes or control the direction at a distance

Glass requirement: thickness over 6mm, with frame
Cleaning speed: 3min / square meter
Certification: UL, FCC, CE, RoHS
Power consumption: 80W
Charging time: 1 hour
Power off absorption: 30 minutes
Noise: 65dB
Material: ABS
Strong absorption: 2,800Pa
Safety cable: 5.5m long, 150kgf high strength

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